Cityabyss Illustration is the freelance name of Beata Szczecinska
Atrist/Illustrator & Designer. Beata currently lives in Poland.
Having been working in the creative industry since graduating from
Academy of Fine Arts (Krakow) in 2004 with MA Hons in Graphic Techniques.
Her career began in London in 2005.
She has amassed a diverse range of international clients from fashion industry to publishing & editorial.
Beata unleashes her creativity across a variety of media, techniques and disciplines including Illustration,
Art Direction, Print, Web design and Visual Identity.
Along side commercial practice Beata produces personal work in the form of limited edition prints.
Her creative artworks have achieved reputation in many publications, featurings and worldwide exposure, most notably
in 2009 at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, one of the most prestigious museums.

ENQUIRIES info@cityabyss.com


Double Decker, London, UK
WBL Agency, Goteborg, Sweden
Elle Decoration, UK
Muse Magazine, Italy
Computer Arts Magazine, UK
Varoom Magazine, UK
Boutique Magazine, Dubai
Popshot Magazine, UK
Katalogue XXL, UK
RotoVision, UK
Twój Styl Magazine, Poland
Zwierciadłlo Magazine, Poland
Sukces Magazine, Poland
Exklusiv Magazine, Poland
Dedicate Magazine, France
Pani Magazine, Poland
Emma Pak, Poland
Ultra Żurnal Magazine, Poland
Visual identity / art direction, web design,
› illustrations, businesscard, GoszczDesign, Poland
Visual identity / web design, illustrations,
› art direction, Ateliern1, Poland
murals 522x272cm & 328 x 230cm, Poland
Poster design, Fashion Project,
› Centrum Cybernetyki, Poland
The Definitive, USA / art direction, illustration,
› vinyl design
Visual identity / Creative Contrast, USA art direction,
› logo, banner designs


Illusive 2 (Die Gestalten Verlag), Germany
OFFF Catalogue 2009 / International Festival For The Post-Digital
› Creation Culture, Lisbon 2009
Katalogue Extra Large, UK
Instant Graphic (RotoVision), UK
The Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration, (Maomao), Spain
Web Design Index 7 (Pepin Press), Holland
Beyond Illustration / The finest in contemporary international
› Art & Illustration (Publikat), Germany
Black Book Raw, USA
International Design Yearbook 2 (Madison Organization), China
Fashion Design (Feierabend Unique Books, and the design
› agency 1enders Zeixs), Germany
OFFF Catalogue 2010 / International Festival For The Post-Digital
› Creation Culture, Paris 2010
Creating Great Graphic Design To A Budget (RotoVision), UK
Semi-Permanent Book 2010 Ultimate Illustration (Monsa), Spain
Great Big Book Of Fashion Illustration (Anova), UK
Semi-Permanent Book 2013
Catalogue Grand Prix Of Young Polish Print, Krakow 2015


Katalogue launch exhibition, Trafalgar Hotel, London / 2007
Katalogue launch exhibition Palaise de Tokyo, Paris / 2008
Oscar Niemeyer Museum / Brazil, Katalogue Exhibition /2009
I was a dog exhibition Gallery Of Contemporary Art
BWA Wroclaw, Poland / 2009
Castle Groupshow STROKE.02 Urban Art Fair, Munich / 2010
Castle Groupshow Galeria Der Farberei, Munich / 2010
Ilustracja PL "O-KUPOWAĆ" Soho Factory, Warsaw / 2012
Grand Prix Of Young Polish Print, Krakow / 2015
Digital Decade IV, Underdog Gallery, London / 2016


Computer Arts Magazine, UK
IdN Magazine / POTM column, UK
Machina Magazine, Poland
Out Of The Box Magazine / interview, Italy
Castle Magazine / interview, Germany
Plateform Magazine / interview, France
Mind-bit / portal / interview
Levois / portal / interview
MC Magazine/ PDF / interview, UK
Moloko+ Magazine / PDF / interview, Russia
Netdiver / Best of the Year / BOTY 2008
Musli Magazine/ PDF, Poland
Climber Fashion XY Magazine / interview, Turkey
The Royal Obsession Magazine / PDF / interview, USA